When buying a car abroad, there are various formalities to be completed. Once you have bought your car, you need to complete the relevant documents, such as: the vehicle registration book, registration card, insurance contract as well as the purchase agreement concluded between the seller and the buyer. Having incomplete documentation may result in problems registering your car in our country. Therefore, our well-qualified staff at ADAMPOL S.A. will advise you on how to settle all formalities so that your transport is delivered the right way. Moreover, we offer our clients up-to-date information concerning the location of our car transporters.


Sales and Logistics Coordinator

Marta Blusiewicz
mob.:  +48 783 944 860
tel.:     +48 58 737 63 87


Thanks to our AEO status, we can:

  • perform less document and physical controls
  • deliver inspection out of turn and choose the location
  • store a smaller amount of data needed for the shortened declaration without prior notification about selecting the shipment for inspection
  • take advantage of priority processing of customs declarations and other declarations as well as special spots for servicing and separate lanes