Requirements of Adampol S.A. Customers concerning the scope of Carrier's liability


If Mazda,Toyota vehicle has suffered a structural damage in accordance with a written notification of damage by Toyota or Mazda or their representatives, it shall be considered ‘total loss’ and scrapped without recovery of spare parts. In this case the carrier will be held liable for compensation of 100% of the value of the car. Mazda,Toyota shall have the sole power of determining whether a damaged Mazda vehicle can be repaired to “as new” standard, to “used car” standard (substandard) or has to be scrapped.”

In the event that a vehicle, which has been damaged during the performance of the services, can be repaired, but can no longer be considered as being in its original condition by the surveyor of Toyota / Mazda representative, carrier will be charged with the cost of 20% of the net value of the vehicle + repair cost.”

Damage classification is based on Mazda, Toyota guidelines.

Stellantis (Fiat, Lancia, Jeep)

In the event of significant damage or structural damage, the vehicle may be qualified by the Customer for the VAM procedure, i.e. the vehicle after repair is not suitable for sale as brand new or as a total loss (the carrier covers the total value of the vehicle).

In the event that the vehicle after repair is unsuitable for sale as brand new and the carrier is willing to purchase the vehicle previously repaired by FCA, he is obliged to pay FCA all fees related to the repair of the vehicle, the total value of the purchase will be the sum of the costs of repairing the damage added to the vehicle value price (the commercial invoice is not provided by the customer), including the cost of transport and technical expertise.


  • catalogue price - minus 30% for vehicles for which the time interval between placing the product on the market and the date of the declaration of sale to the highest price bidder exceeds 24 months
  • catalogue price - minus 15% for vehicles for which the time interval between placing the product on the market and the date of the declaration of sale to the highest price bidder does not exceed 24 months.

The carrier may exercise the right of pre-emption or cover the value of the compensation: devaluation + reduction in value caused by loss of warranty + repair cost+ cost of transport to the parking lot + cost of technical expertise.


  • devaluation
    • 28% of the catalog value (value of the vehicle for the end customer in the "keys in hand" estimated value at the time of the damage).
  • reduction in value due to loss of warranty
    • 20% reduction in value due to loss of warranty
    • 10% reduction in value due to loss of warranty

According to Client’s requirements, each carrier must have insurance "All Risk" in the event of damage caused by hail.

The driver's signature in the scheda implies liability for the damage.

In case of the prior to load scheda it has to be sent to Edyta Nosorowska  within 10 days from the unloading date.

Prior to load scheda cannot be shown at the unloading site.

The scheda found inside the vehicle at the loading site is not valid if it is not rewritten for our stage of transport.


There is no possibility to collect parts replaced in the repair process of the damaged vehicle during transport, no disposal document.


Loss of value 15 % (Reform B): When the vehicle cannot be sold as a new car any more, but only as a used car the depreciation is assessed by RENAULT through its market experience at 15% of the Vehicle public price.

Total loss (Reform C): Damage requiring replacement of the body, damage requiring use of a surface plate. Damage for an amount over 50% of retail price. Total loss cost of the Vehicle equal to the Vehicle Price as a New Car, minus the wreck residual value (calculated by GAIA).

Administrative costs are charged (routes to Italy € 38), per claim for 1 damaged vehicle. Preparation and dispatch costs of claim documents.


When the car cannot be restored to "brand new" condition but can be restored as a second-hand car 20 % the loss of the value is calcuclated.


Since the beginning of the COVID19 crisis (April 2020), for healthy reason, ICO in Antwerp took the decision to postpone the inspection of the vehicles delivered by truck. In case of damages, the transport company will be informed by e-mail within 24hrs after delivery about the result of the inspection.  Any damages and shortages found by the yard service within the above-mentioned time period are under responsibility of the carrier.


The JLR procedure does not allow for the damaged parts collection and also excludes the purchase of a damaged car.

In the event of estimates exceeding 30 % of JLR product valuation the unit will be considered as non repairable to a new standard.

35 £ administrative cost is added to each damaged vehicle.


45 EUR administrative cost is added to each damaged vehicle.


Total Loss In the case of a 'write off / total loss' the LSP's liability is limited to 100% of the vehicle value and freight costs as shown on the dealer wholesale invoice relating to the subject value and any additional outlays in the disposal of the vehicle such but not limited to depreciation, claims administration fee, inspection survey, transportation, and reasonable costs incurred by Ford in order to effect the sale or otherwise dispose of the damaged vehicle, minus salvage value recovered by Ford.

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