DAMPOL S.A. offers not only transport services but also services that pertain to other aspects of our operations.

ADAMPOL S.A. offers not only transport services but also services that pertain to other aspects of our operations.


ADAMPOL S.A. has been delivering SKD/ DKD services at the Logistics Centre in Małaszewicze since 2012.

The process involves the disassembly of ready vehicles into parts and subassemblies, packaging them in an appropriate manner and sending them to the country where they are to be assembled. That is where the assembly of ready subassemblies takes place using a technology that is comparable to that of the original production plant.

Our company has optimized the process, meaning it has:

  • accurately measured and outlined it
  • implemented a system in which various tasks related to the disassembly of one car take place simultaneously
  • introduced a variety of machines (tables and forklifts) designed and produced by our team of  in-house engineers
  • developed and implemented our own packaging, in order to meet the needs of each specific client with regards to the container transport of replacement parts

The total area of the SKD/DKD building amounts to 14 000 m2. The area of the warehouse for replacement parts is 7 000 m2.

The company also has equipment required for the SKD/DKD process: 6 car lifts, a car wash, forklifts, jacks, reach stackers and many more.


Deputy Director for Logistic Center in Małaszewicze
Artur Klim
mob.: +48 603 608 399

Servicing used vehicles

Apart from the transport of new cars, a significant portion of our operations involves the transport and storage of used cars. Car rental companies and multi dealers of used cars are our clients. In addition, we transport full loads of used cars all over Europe. Some of our car transporters are equipped with a winch that enables non-running cars to be loaded.


Sales and Logistics Coordinator
Przemysław Pikus
mob.: +48 885 972 889

Servicing production plants

This is another service that we offer our clients and partners. It includes:

  • final control before sending finished vehicles
  • controlling the correct mounting of elements
  • controlling the functioning of the vehicle’s working mechanisms
  • installing additional equipment and possibly special indications depending on the model and option
  • placing protective foil on some body elements
  • spray protection (waxing) of chassis elements and closed subsystems
  • managing the car warehouse
  • picking up vehicles from production and storage
  • organizing shipments
  • organizing loading of car transporters
  • loading wagons
  • preparing transport documents

The goods that we are entrusted with are covered by an insurance package, both compulsory and optional. As a result, our clients can rest assured that their goods are safe with us at each stage of transport.


Clients. Automotive suppliers who trust and rely on us.