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Border phytosanitary control

The international transport of plants and products of plant origin is subject to separate regulations. Especially between the European Union and countries outside the Community. We can assist you at every stage of this complex process.

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Each country has strict guidelines for importing and exporting products. These procedures are particularly important at the border between the European Union and non-EU countries. A separate group is sensitive goods, which include plants and their derivatives.

As an official inspection centre of SPHSIS, we can carry out a full identity and health check of plants approved by the decision of the Chief Inspector of the Plant Health and Seed Inspection.

We have all the necessary documents, permits and infrastructure required to carry out the border phytosanitary control process. We offer storage space dedicated to the storage of sensitive goods.

We have rooms with heating to ensure an adequate temperature regime (constant temperature of 12-16oC), artificial lighting and electrical panels with the option of connecting portable light sources. We have full monitoring of the premises and an active signalling system for early fire detection.

We operate holistically: unloading and loading of goods, storage, package repair, quarantine, decontamination, and inspection. All inspection centre rooms are lockable and can also be sealed if required.


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We have many years of experience and in-depth knowledge of international transport. We are able to support you at every stage of the logistics process.


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