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FTL/LTL/FCL freight transport

Are you exporting or importing goods and looking for the best routes and optimal transport options? We look forward to working with you. With us you can properly plan and safely transport any type of load.

In addition to the transport of cars, we provide services for the carriage of diverse goods.  From full container loads to less than container loads. We organise the handling, carriage and forwarding of goods in international transport. We operate throughout Europe and Asia.

What we offer:

Are you interested in freight transport? We are happy to help you.

We offer transport services for various products, combining different types of transport. For example, your cargo can be transported by sea from China to an European port and then continue the journey by rail or truck to reach its destination. At the same time, it is also possible to deliver your cargo to Poland by train and then continue further by truck or ship.

We are prepared for any transport option. We have the necessary resources, capabilities, contacts and expertise. We are a reputable international carrier and freight forwarder. We ensure the organisation and execution of a smooth and efficient transport process.

The scope of Adampol’s activity

International finished vehicle transport solutions

International finished vehicle transport solutions internetowa giełda transport aut car transport exchange

Cargo international transportation, transshipments, warehousing

Cargo international transport, transshipments, warehousing

Cargo international transportation by truck

International cargo transport by road

Sea transport and port services in Gdansk

Sea transport and port services in Gdansk

Rail transport

Rail transport

Air transport

Air transport

Custom clearance services

Custom clearance services

Warehousing, consolidation and packing

Warehousing, consolidation and packing

Branch network across Europe

Branch network across Europeie

Key stages of cargo transport:

selecting the right means of transport


organisation of loading
and unloading


completing the necessary documentation

organisation of customs clearance

risk management
and insurance

and delivery
of consignments

Looking for an experienced freight forwarder? Contact us and ask for a quote.

Together we can choose the most appropriate method and route for transporting your goods. We can plan the entire process based on cost, transit time, nature of the cargo, specific requirements and logistics procedures.

Looking for an experienced freight forwarder? Contact us and ask for a quote.

We are looking for carriers in national and international transport who have:

  • standard 13,6 m semi-trailers
  • mega semi-trailers
  • flatbeds

Adampol S.A.

Our domain:

Road transport

We have an extensive fleet of modern trucks. Our truck tractors are adapted to transport various types of semi-trailers: standard (13.6 m), mega-trailers, tandem as well as refrigerated semi-trailers/isotherm bodies and container platforms. The diversity of the vehicle fleet offers almost unlimited possibilities for transporting goods in various configurations.

Rail transport

We offer regular intermodal rail transport between Europe, China and South Korea. We have our own rail terminal in the Małaszewicze Duty Free Zone. We can operate different types of wagons: specialised double-deckers for automotive (Ro-Ro/Lex), covered, coal cars, open and closed platforms. We can handle 6 trains per day.

Sea transport

We work with the largest container ship owners. We have a dedicated station at the container terminal in DCT Gdańsk. We can collect and dispatch regular FCL consignments on behalf of our customers. We operate in a comprehensive manner, which is why we additionally offer customs service of goods and delivery directly to your premises.


Contact us and check out our services!

We have many years of experience and in-depth knowledge of international transport. We are able to support you at every stage of the logistics process.