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Sea transport

Do you need to send goods by sea? Do you need support with customs and port procedures? We look forward to helping you at every stage of your sea freight forwarding process.

We offer full-scale transport of goods on sea and ocean routes. Thanks to the location of the branch in the Duty Free Zone of the Port of Gdańsk and constant partnership with the Baltic Hub Container Terminal, we can organise the transport of diversified consignments (cars, FCL) to/from major ports around the world. We are part of the Hyundai Glovis Group, thus helping our clients to act globally in their business.

What we offer:

Sea freight forwarding is a complex process to organise and manage the transport of goods between ports around the world. It involves many parties: shipowners, port employees, ship crews, carriers, customs agents, and border guards.

Steps in the sea freight forwarding process:

  • booking and documentation
  • pickup and consolidation
  • customs clearance
  • loading
  • inland transportation
  • port handling and departure
  • sea/ocean freight transit
  • port handling and arrival
  • customs clearance at destination
  • inland transportation to final destination
  • delivery to consignee

We are prepared to handle a wide variety of transport tasks.

We have many years of experience, a wide network of international contacts and a flexible approach to every order. With us, the completion of your sea transport is a quick and smooth process. Take advantage of our services and join the ranks of our satisfied clients. We are happy to assist you at any stage of the process.

Sea transport, especially due to its costs and capabilities, is a very competitive way of delivering goods to you. This allows you to easily reach anywhere in the world. The entire sea freight procedure begins with the collection of the consignments from the consignee, customs and packaging. This is followed by loading and securing. The properly cleared sea vessel travels to the port of destination.

The time taken to transport goods by sea is the longest, but compared to other modes of transport, it is the cheapest of all options available on the market. The price of sea transport effectively compensates for the inconvenience of waiting for a ship to call at a port.

Intermodal solutions, combining sea transport with road, rail and air transport, facilitating the whole process. We operate on a very broad spectrum. Trains with RoRo wagons, which are adapted to carry cars, regularly arrive at our terminal located in the Duty Free Zone in the Port of Gdańsk.

Our Euro China Train arrives at the container terminal, which is located within the Baltic Hub. This is a regular rail link between Europe and Asia. An important stop is the railway terminal in Małaszewicze. The train offers unlimited possibilities for the transportation of goods – either full or part container loads.

Another very important service is ’door-to-door’, which involves collecting goods directly from the consignor and delivering them to the consignee anywhere in the world. The involvement of a single freight forwarder significantly reduces transit time and simplifies any associated procedures.


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We have many years of experience and in-depth knowledge of international transport. We are able to support you at every stage of the logistics process.


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