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We have been active in the international and domestic transport of passenger cars, vans and semi-trucks for over twenty years. We have at our disposal several thousand car transporters and several hundred specialized wagons.


About company

Having our own repair shops, trans-shipment terminals and staff experienced in goods-handling allow us to completely fulfil all transport services.

Our quality systems, which are based on the highest European standards, ensure efficient management and also enable the possibility of proposing the best solutions that meet the needs and expectations of each our customers.

To be able to track the position of vehicles, we monitor transported vehicles by VIN codes. All of our car transporters are equipped with mobile phones and GPS satellite-tracking systems. This ensures security and top quality service.

Please feel free to browse through our wide and comprehensive range of services.

We are a member of various road carrier organizations:

Carrier Association of Podlasie (SPP)

Association of International Road Carriers in Podlasie

International Road Transport Union (IRU)

European Car – Transport Group of Interest (ECG)

Association of International Road Carriers (ASMAP)

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