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RoRo rail transport

Safe, timely and environmentally friendly transport of finished vehicles by rail.

Are you looking to transport your vehicle quickly and safely? Take advantage of our extensive rail forwarding service. We can transport different types of vehicles in any configuration. We offer services on national, international and intercontinental routes.

We have specialised RoRo wagons available, suitable for the safe transport of finished vehicles.

Transporting cars by rail is an effective and efficient way of transport, especially when long distances are involved. The undoubted advantages of this process are safety, reliability, competitive prices and short delivery times. This is one of our core activities in both the automotive and general cargo areas.

We have a terminal with space for up to 15,000 vehicles at the Duty Free Zone in the Port of Gdańsk. The terminal is connected to a rail track of European standard. The location in close proximity to the sea quay provides freedom for intermodal operations.

In the Duty Free Zone in Małaszewicze, we have an expanded rail terminal with European and Russian standard tracks with a total length of 2,300 m and a terminal with space for 14,000 cars.

What we offer:

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Together we can create an offer tailored to your needs. We can suggest the best route, the type of wagons suited to the goods ordered and help you with all the necessary transport procedures.

Rail transport is the most optimal form of transporting goods. Timely delivery is not dependent on the weather, the quality of the road surface or the human factor. This has a real impact on the availability of goods. It is estimated that rail freight is 50% faster than sea freight and 50% cheaper than air freight.

Ecology is also an undoubted advantage of this mode of transport. Transporting vehicles by train emits far fewer greenhouse gases than the other options available. As a result, the resulting carbon footprint is incomparably lower.

Main tasks of rail forwarding:

  • transport planning

  • organising transport

  • monitoring and tracking of transport

  • documentation management

  • customer service


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We have many years of experience and in-depth knowledge of international transport. We are able to support you at every stage of the logistics process.