Małaszewicze terminal

The Małaszewicze terminal is located on the main transit route from the European Union to Russia. Situated in Eastern Poland, it is 120 km from the Ukrainian border and 5 km from the Belarusian border. It is perfectly located to connect Western Europe with Eastern Europe and Asia.

Technical parameters

  • total area of Free Customs Zone - 166.41 ha
  • compound area - 37 ha
  • railway connection - European and Russian standard tracks with a total length of 2300m
  • capacity to load from train to train, from train to truck, from truck to train
  • Wi-Fi

Container Terminal in Małaszewicze

  • total surface: 7 ha
  • yard capacity: 20 000 TEU
  • capacity: 160 000 TEU per year
  • 6 trains per day
  • 7 trains per week (car unloading)

Car Terminal in Małaszewicze

  • surface: 24 ha
  • capacity:14 000 cars
  • European and Russian railway tracks
  • open 7 days a week
  • monitoring
  • EX, TIR, T1 customs operations


Wolny Obszar Celny
Małaszewicze Małe,
21-540 Małaszewicze

Car storage services
Car Terminal Manager
Dawid Ignaciuk
mob.: +48 605 601 728

Container Transshipment Services
Rail Terminal Manager
Marcin Suszczyński
mob.: +48 695 140 258

Special services/car terminal (loading/unloading)
mob.: +48 603 601 531

Geographical coordinates:
Latitude: 52.036877
Longitude: 23.524574

Gdańsk Terminal

The Gdańsk Terminal is located at the entrance to the Port of Gdańsk in the Władysław IV Basin Free Customs Zone, about 1 km from the exit to the high-speed road.


Technical parameters

  • Free Customs Zone total area - 31 ha
  • storage capacity - 15 000 vehicles (including all coast)
  • unloading and loading ships 24/7
  • ro-ro ramp with adjustable height
  • railway sidings with rails 1435 mm wide, 1850 m long in Free Customs Zone
  • two ramps to load and unload wagons, including a mobile unit
  • Wi-Fi available directly at the compound
  • 25 company trucks dedicated solely to servicing the terminal

Services we offer

  • loading/unloading of vehicles to/from ships and trains
  • comprehensive quality control of the loading and unloading process
  • full range of customs services
  • vehicle storage services
  • PDI Centre
  • car wash
  • forwarding, road and rail transport
  • qualified and experienced personnel
  • management of goods and logistics operations in an original logistics programme created by our team of IT experts

Ship loading and unloading operations

  • loading and mounting up to 120 cars per hour
  • dismounting and unloading up to 150 cars per hour

Train loading and unloading operations

  • dismounting and unloading up to 100 cars per hour
  • loading and mounting up to 60 cars per hour


Gdańsk Terminal
ul. Przemysłowa 20
80-542 Gdańsk

Gdańsk Terminal Manager
Maciej Zadroga
mob.: +48 885 950 362

Geographical coordinates:
Latitude: 54.405462
Longitude: 18.651819

Tychy Terminal

The Tychy Terminal is located in the south of Poland, next to the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles plant, near the Czech and Slovak borders.

Technical parameters

  • terminal area - 2,5 ha

  • technical services

  • tire services

  • office building

  • type of paving - cobblestone

  • fence - metal panels

  • lighting - lighting poles

  • Wi-Fi

Compound organization

  • total capacity of 1500 vehicles

  • load completion zone

  • loading zone designed for 10 car transporters

  • separate parking for private cars


Terminal Tychy
ul. Świerczyniecka 12
43-100 Tychy

Tychy Terminal Manager
Paweł Mleczko
mob.: +48 885 950 356

Geographical coordinates:
Latitude: 50.100459
Longitude: 19.056736

All of our terminals guarantee quality and safety

  • security, monitoring and availability 24/7
  • certificates - ISO, GM Vecos Standard
  • regular internal and external audits
  • regular training for terminal employees
  • customs procedures approved by Customs Service
  • permanent supervision of the Quality Control Department
  • we use the newest IT systems and EDI connection that ensure compatibility with the client’s operating systems
  • we prepare full transport documentation, saving you money and time
  • we plan effective logistics solutions for our clients

Benefits of the Małaszewicze terminal:

  • located on a route that connects Europe and Asia
  • access to European and Russian railway networks
  • customs-free goods storage with no time limit
  • modern IT systems which make the flow of information easier
  • 24-hour security

Owing to the fact that the terminal is located 5 km from the EU border and is close to International Route No. 2, there are very good connections between the following towns and cities:

  • Małaszewicze - Moscow (1067 km)
  • Małaszewicze - Kiev (608 km)
  • Małaszewicze - Minsk (356 km)
  • Małaszewicze - Astana (6300 km)
  • Małaszewicze - Berlin (780 km)
  • Małaszewicze - Paris (1807 km)
  • Małaszewicze - Prague (806 km)