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Rail transport Europe – CIS and Mongolia

Safe, timely and environmentally friendly rail solutions between the countries of Europe and Asia.

Are you looking for a way to transport goods quickly and safely? Take advantage of our extensive rail forwarding service. We can carry any type of cargo in any configuration. We offer fixed national, international and intercontinental connections.

We offer rail transport within Europe and on routes from Europe to: Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Mongolia.

Rail forwarding is the comprehensive organisation and management for the transport of goods by rail. The most important objective of this complex process is to ensure the safe, fast and fault-free delivery of cargo from one place to another. This is one of our core activities in both the general cargo and automotive areas.

We are an operator in the Małaszewicze Duty Free Zone, where we have an extensive rail terminal with European and Russian standard tracks with a total length of 2,300 m and a storage area of 7 ha. We can carry out comprehensive loading, unloading and handling of various goods. We can prepare and clear 6 trains per day.

What we offer:

We are prepared to handle a wide variety of transport tasks.

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Together we can create an offer tailored to your needs. We can suggest the best route, the type of wagons suited to the goods ordered and help you with all the necessary transport procedures.

A flexible approach to our customers is always a key part of our work. We know that everyone has unique needs and expectations. For this reason, we focus on providing personalised solutions that meet the requirements of our service recipients.

Rail transport is the most optimal form of freight transport in terms of speed, cost and safety. It is a particularly popular solution for long distances, large dimensions and heavy loads. The possibility of using various types of wagons, adapted to the type of cargo being transported, contributes to the versatility of this solution for the various forms of import, export and domestic transport.

Transport by rail is also convenient because of its flexibility. You can choose a wide variety of goods to be shipped – from full container loads to general cargo. Timely delivery is not dependent on the weather, the quality of the road surface or the human factor. This has a real impact on the availability of goods. It is estimated that rail freight is 50% faster than sea freight and 50% cheaper than air freight.

Additional services

In addition to the transport, we also offer storage services and the completion of all customs procedures. Our warehouses are suitable for storing a wide variety of goods. They are located very close to the rail terminal, which allows for quick unloading and loading.

Main tasks of rail forwarding:

  • transport planning

  • organising transport

  • monitoring and tracking of transport

  • documentation management

  • customer service


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We have many years of experience and in-depth knowledge of international transport. We are able to support you at every stage of the logistics process.