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Container depot

Are you looking for containers to transport your products? Are you looking for a place to store and repair them? Take advantage of the opportunities offered by our container depot.

Over the past few decades, transport processes have been significantly reorganised. Particular emphasis has been placed on the standardisation of the equipment used for transportation. On this basis, the role of containers has become very significant due to their efficiency, fixed dimensions and ability to carry a variety of goods.

Container transport facilitates the entire logistical process and reduces its costs. It also guarantees the safety of goods. As a result, containers have become a key element in the international supply chain.

A container is a standardised loading unit that is most commonly used for sea, rail and road transport. In simplest terms, it is a sturdy, rectangular metal box of versatile dimensions and weight. It is suitable for the repeated transport of various loads. Containers are most often used to transport goods placed in cardboard boxes, on pallets, in wooden crates, in sacks and on spools.

It is a very convenient and durable transport solution. Nevertheless, repeated use causes damage, which must be repaired on an ongoing basis. This work is being carried out at the container depot in Małaszewicze.


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