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Transport Europe – China/EuroChinaTrain

Establishing secure, punctual, and ecologically sustainable rail connections among Europe, China, and South Korea.

Engage seamlessly with Chinese manufacturers through our specialized service in importing their products into Europe or exporting your goods to China. Unlock the swiftness and security of transport with Euro China Train, seizing the optimal opportunities for your business needs.

Euro China Train (ECT) is a regular rail link between major terminals in Europe, China and South Korea. The train travels along a fixed route known as the New Silk Road.

We are one of the administrators and operators on this route.

A very important point on the route is the intermodal hub in Małaszewicze. This is the first stop of the train in Poland. Here the goods are handled, some continue their journey by rail into Europe or are loaded onto trucks. The train ends at the Baltic Hub terminal in Gdańsk. Here the containers are handled onto ships and continue their journey. The Euro China Train is a safe, fast and inexpensive way of transporting between continents.

What we offer:

We are prepared to handle a wide variety of transport tasks.

Euro China Train is designed to accommodate a diverse array of cargo, ranging from full container loads to general shipments. The flexibility inherent in our approach empowers you to determine the spatial requirements based on your specific needs.

Should the situation necessitate it, we seamlessly organize non-container transport with utmost efficiency. With an extensive fleet of varied wagon types at our disposal, the possibilities for cargo transport are virtually boundless, offering unparalleled versatility to cater to your distinct business requirements.

New Silk Road
  • Transport lotniczy - najszybszy i najbardziej kosztowny

    Air transport – the fastest and most expensive

  • Transport lotniczy - najszybszy i najbardziej kosztowny

    Rail transport – provides an optimal rate in relation to speed and cost

  • Transport lotniczy - najszybszy i najbardziej kosztowny

    Sea transport – the cheapest but the slowest

Key advantages of the Euro China Train:

  • Perfectly mapped routes, connecting the most important railway terminals in China, South Korea and Europe

  • Time and cost savings

  • Large variety of transported goods

  • Excellent value for money

  • Development of trade relations and strengthening of economic partnerships

The ECT train is an alternative mode of transporting goods between China and Europe. In a very practical way, it bridges the gap between air transport and sea transport, by being cheaper and much faster. It arrives at its destination, regardless of the weather conditions. Transport from China to Europe takes between 8 and 16 days.


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