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We believe that our actions today have a direct impact on a better and safer future







ESG ang. Environmental, Social and Governance

As a species, we are using up the Earth’s resources faster than the planet can replenish them. We are therefore incurring a debt that humanity will have to repay sooner or later. A fundamental change is therefore required in virtually all parts of the global economy on the manufacturing and consumer sides.

We want to be a conscious and active participant in this process. We want to develop in a responsible manner, taking into account not only the increase in income and profits, but also the impact of our activities on the environment in which we operate.

Strategic approach to sustainability

We are in the process of developing an ESG strategy for Adampol S.A., which demonstrates our approach to responsible and sustainable development. We are identifying and measuring the organisation’s impact on the environment and the community. In doing so, we are preparing for a major shift in building the long-term value of the company. Responsibility is one of the key factors determining how we operate.

We want to define measurable environmental, social and corporate governance commitments to give us and all stakeholders the opportunity to transparently monitor the progress we have made in these areas.

Carbon footprint

For the first time ever, we have calculated scope one and scope two carbon footprints. This calculation provides a comparative basis for monitoring the Adampol Group’s progress in reducing the greenhouse gas emissions produced during our operations.

Our ambition is to achieve carbon neutrality in scope one and two by 2045, and in all three scopes by 2050.

Our emissions in 2022:



Scope 1



Scope 2 (market-based method)



Scope 2 (location-based method)

Detailed report of Adampol S.A.’s carbon footprint calculation for 2022.

Corporate governance

Corporate governance is a system of controls and procedures designed to ensure good corporate governance. What are the characteristics of good governance? First and foremost, a professional management team, a management and supervisory board structure and a well-organised governance system. Good corporate governance reduces business and legal risks and is designed to ensure that key decisions are made in line with the interests of the company and its shareholders. One of the elements of governance is also a code of ethics, a set of internal rules and standards whose adherence guarantees the ethical behaviour of our entire company when conducting business.

ESG report

In 2024, we will be publishing our first non-financial report in line with the new European Union regulations. It will cover the years 2022 and 2023.

The report and the strategy will reflect the transformation that we are going through. It is also a measure of the maturity of the organisation and the responsibility we have towards future generations.


Have you witnessed discrimination?

Have you experienced discrimination?
Contact the Adampol S.A. Equal Treatment Coordinator.