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Customs services

Are you transporting goods across the border? Take advantage of the offer of our Customs Agency, where we provide a full, professional and efficient customs service. We handle all necessary customs procedures related to the movement of goods across national borders.

Working in a Customs Agency requires proficient knowledge of customs and tax regulations, analytical skills, meticulousness, the ability to make quick decisions and excellent organisation of working time and place.

Our Customs Agency provides comprehensive assistance with all formalities related to the transportation of goods across borders. We act on behalf of and in your interests, where we are authorise us to represent you before the relevant authorities. We employ certified and experienced Customs Agents so that each of our services is carried out with the utmost care.

Are you transporting goods across the border? Do you need support with customs procedures? Contact us!


  • AEO-F certified (Authorised Economic Operator) – Customs Simplifications/Safety and Security, which translates into faster, cheaper and more flexible deliveries, while reducing customs clearance times

  • simplifications for all customs procedures

  • a comprehensive guarantee in the release procedure, so that imported goods can be collected from the yard as soon as they are presented to the customs office

  • a transit guarantee required for the issue of a T1 document

  • Authorizated place by Custom Office on our lcation in Zaścianki approved for customs clearance without the need to deliver goods to the Customs Office (customs inspection takes place on site)

  • locations in the Duty Free Zones in Małaszewicze and Gdańsk, which enable us to carry out clearance at our facilities without the need to deliver the goods to the Customs and Tax Office

  • the possibility of storing, packing, consolidating and deconsolidating goods destined for foreign recipients or imported by importers for their domestic needs, without the need to pay customs duties and taxes

  • a convenient location on transit routes

The AEO status
entitles you to:

  • fewer document and physical checks

  • out-of-order checks and choice of location

  • submit less data for the summary declaration notify in advance when a consignment is selected for control

  • additional benefits include priority handling of customs declarations and all requests, special handling areas and separate lanes

Basic tasks of the Customs Agency staff:

  • preparation of customs declarations

  • calculation of customs declarations for all categories of goods

  • representing customers before customs and tax authorities

  • arranging customs clearance for the import and export of goods

  • advising in the field of taxation, customs, application of customs procedures

  • completion and verification of the necessary commercial documents to enable import or export customs clearance


Contact us and check out our services!

We have many years of experience and in-depth knowledge of international transport. We are able to support you at every stage of the logistics process.