The 2013 Automotive Logistics Russia Conference was held in Moscow on 25-27.06 and consisted of various discussion panels. Our President, Mrs. Elena Lukanova, appeared in the panel entitled: Linking Russia to the rest of the world, where speeches were given by  representatives of such companies as Toyota Motors and Major Cargo Service . The discussion focused on the importance of Russia in the automotive industry, the CKD car assembly system and the finished vehicle supply chain for Europe, China and Turkey. The speakers examined logistics links, including long-distance rail.Adampol has been transporting cars to Russia and CIS countries across the Eastern Polish border for 20 years, thereby promoting the longtime proven Silk Road connecting the East and West. Terminal Małaszewicze, built at the current EU border, is the juncture and exchange point for goods between the European Union and the Customs Union of Russia and CIS.