On 09.09.2013 we obtained the Authorization for Customs Simplified Procedures. Simplified custom procedures facilitate and limit operations necessary to goods clearance. It means in practice, that we, as Authorized Economic Operatorare authorized now to perform customs clearance on behalf of the customs office.The Customs Simplified Proceduresapply to the following procedures: transit (i.e. TIR and T1), import and export. Simplification concern currently loads custom cleared  in Zaścianki and Łapy.Benefits from the Authorization for Customs Simplified Procedures:
  • saving time – there is no need to wait for the clearance officer; goods are delivered directly to the company – there is no obligation of goods physical presentation in the customs department; the customs officer appears only in the case of vehicle inspection
  • costsavings – reducing parking and office service costs
  • possibility of goods clearance beyond the working hours of the customs office
  • reasonableplanningof vehicles deliveries
  • fasterrealization of client orders