We are pleased to announce that on November 21 DCT Gdansk held the inauguration event of the first Euro-China train, which will regularly arrive from Xi’an in China, via the Adampol Małaszewicze land terminal to DCT Gdansk container terminal.

This new regular intermodal Euro-China train connection is the result of cooperation of the Port Authority of Gdansk, DCT Gdansk container terminal and Adampol, which is the operator and administrator of this route.

The train’s travel time from China to Gdansk took 12 days, and it is possible to shorten the transit further to 10 days. Another train from China is planned for December, and regular weekly transports on this route will commence from January 2020.

“Since 2010 DCT Gdansk has been handling direct ocean calls from Asia enabling Poland to be connected to the world’s largest shipping trade-lane; between Europe and Asia. It ensures that Polish goods can trade with Asia more efficiently. Today, we witness the launch of a regular rail connection between China and Gdansk and we are delighted to be the part of that service. This brings added value for the port with an extended range of possibilities for our clients. This is proof that sea and land transport can develop and coexist harmoniously, strengthening the position of the Port of Gdansk and DCT Terminal as the Northern Gate for the fastest growing region in Europe“ – comments Cameron Thorpe, CEO of DCT Gdansk.

“Adampol has already had many years of experience in handling trains from China at its terminal on the Polish-Belarusian border. Every day, 19 trains coming from all major Chinese land terminals pass through Małaszewicze. The connection between Adampol Małaszewicze land terminal and DCT Gdańsk terminal opens up new possibilities of transport routes which will be competitive to the existing ones, e.g. those leading from China via Hamburg and Duisburg to United Kingdom or Scandinavia can be replaced and as a result accelerated up to 5 days. Alternative transport routes, which this new train connection creates, will further strengthen the position of the port of Gdansk in Europe. “- adds Elena Łukanowa, CEO of Adampol S.A.

We invite you politely to watch the film shared by the branch portal Marine Poland: