On 15.05.2016 the Council of the Białystok Technical University, Faculty of Management held a ceremony of handing out the “Innovative Company” certificate. The awarded distinction is an acknowledgment of the innovative services Adampol S.A. has provided for the institutions of higher learning. The Council concluded that the three-party cooperation program “Business Perception” is a unique example of innovative approach towards providing services from subjects in the business sector for institutions of higher learning, offering educational assistance in the field of identification and complex analysis of problems, risk and defining logistic processes. The combining of the academic research of Białystok Technical University and the business practice of Adampol S.A. has produced a combined effect of both expanding the teaching process as well as more effective business application of research findings.The beneficiaries of the innovation project are the students of the Białystok Technical University Faculty of Management, who are future members of polish business. The program of Adampol S.A. and Białystok Technical University is also a contribution in heightening the quality of polish business. „Innovative Company Certificate” is awarded by the Białystok Technical University, Faculty of Management to confirm the innovative aspects of a given business. It is a prestigious distinction that can be awarded only to businesses which: •    Have implemented innovative solutions in production/ service providing, and/or •    Offer innovative products or services, or •    Utilize innovative equipment or software in their business.