Among the new services of ADAMPOL S.A. in LC in Małaszewicze, there is a warehouse called “Inspection Centre”, designed for border phytosanitary inspections. For the needs of companies transporting plants, plant products, animals and other goods subject to phytosanitary control, an area was designated specifically for their storage.

The State Plants and Seeds Inspection included ADAMPOL S.A. as an external inspection centre for points of entry PLTKO2 and PLKOR3. The company is on the list of Polish Border Inspection Posts (PKG), where the border phytosanitary inspection is carried out.

The inspection room is a separate part of the warehouse complex. It is equipped with a loading gate and an additional door for personnel, locked with a key. Adampol S.A. provides unloading and loading of goods. The area is equipped with a metal inspection table, a lamp, a desk, a hot and cold water tap, an electric hand dryer, a folding table for inspecting tall plants, a cleaning set, bins for film and small waste. The entire area is artificially illuminated, and additionally the customer can use 6 electric panels allowing for the connection of portable light sources. It is also possible to illuminate the inside of the means of transport (container), using a searchlight.

Heating is provided, which helps to create optimal conditions for the plants and to achieve a temperature oscillating 16-20 degrees Celsius. This is of particular importance in the autumn and winter period, when vegetation is exposed to damage. In addition, there is monitoring and a fire alarm system. Cleaning and washing, as well as possible disinfection are provided by ADAMPOL S.A. There is access to a wireless ICT network in the whole building.

We also provide access to the company’s carpenter’s shop, which allows to repair packaging of goods in case of damage. The room of the inspection centre is locked and, if necessary, sealed.

You are welcome to use our new service.