At present, we all face many difficulties related to the threat posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, despite the existing situation, we try to stay calm and find ourselves in a new reality. We work and, as far as possible, carry out the majority of orders, not only carrying out the transport of cars, but also other necessary goods, for which there is an increased demand. Our cargo transport helps to carry out the transport of medical equipment, hygiene products, etc. and other goods.

Partially we work distantly, continuing to provide services comprehensively and at an unchanged level in order to continue the existing cooperation. We also take special care of our drivers in this situation. For the sake of safety, we provide and equip them with the protective equipment necessary at the present time, such as disinfectants, masks, gloves, and we also carry out disinfection of the cabins of auto-transporters.

Employees who continue to work in their positions in the office, workshop or warehouse have also been provided with additional security measures. Special procedures have been put in place to prevent possible infection. Only by disciplining and following the necessary rules we can prevent the spread of the virus and return to normal life as soon as possible, we also wish it all you.