On 10th of December 2015 in rector’s office of Białystok University of Technology, Adampol S.A. and Białystok University of Technology have signed the agreement on mutual cooperation.The event was attended by representatives of the authorities of Białystok University of Technology: Prof. Lech Dzienis, DSc, PhD, PE, Rector of Białystok University of Technology,  Prof. Joanicjusz Nazarko, PhD – Dean of Faculty of Management, prof. Joanna Ejdys, PhD – Vice-Dean for Research and Development, and representatives of Adampol’s board: Adam Byglewski, Vice-President of Adampol S.A., IL Hak Ju, Member of the Board, CFO of Adampol S.A., Anna Misiejuk – Coordinator of the project.The aim of both communities is a symbiotic effect, based on many years of experience in the business and the Adampol’s  operational activities in logistics and scientific programs of Białystok University of Technology, which will result in creating new opportunities for the development of graduates and students.The recipients of the project are also specialists from Adampol S.A. and academics from Białystok University of Technology.Cooperation, based on idea of Barbara Koncewicz, Sales Director with over 20 years’ experience in the company Adampol S.A., is planned to be in the range of research and teaching activities and will include:
  • the realisation of the mutual scientific-research projects;
  • a scientific-research consultancy, technical, technological and economic consultations;
  • the organisation of conferences and seminars;
  • making and implementation of joint project tasks and expertise;
  • the organisation of competition for Diploma Thesis;
  • the organisation of diploma practices and internships for students of Białystok University of Technology;
the organisation of internships for employees of Białystok University of Technology.