The third edition of the international congress Intermodal in Poland 2023 is behind us. The event took place at the Bishop’s Castle in Janów Podlaski. This is currently one of the most important meetings for the intermodal transport industry in Poland. Nearly 400 people showed up on the spot.

The first day of the congress was filled with industry events. The guests were welcomed by Mr. Krzysztof Dakowicz, CEO of ADAMPOL S.A. Barbara Wójcik, Deputy Cargo Director at ADAMPOL S.A., appeared as an expert in one of the discussion panels.

On the second day, the participants went on a study visit to Małaszewicze. They had the opportunity to see with the work of our reloading terminal. After returning, he had a substantive summary of the trip. In the later part of the day, there were more speeches of speakers and behind-the-scenes talks.

Participants of Intermodal in Poland 2023 very highly evaluate its organization and substantive level of individual speeches. ADAMPOL S.A. has been supporting this event from the beginning and willingly participates in it. This year we became the Golden Partner of the congress.

Photo: Rafał Gronecki, own press materials