In November, Vectura took part in this special event on the automotive market. The information concerning plans to introduce a new model of its flagship Lada Vesta occupied the attention of the world community associated with the automotive industry. Finally, there came that day! The long-awaited ceremony was held on 25 November, 2015 in Izhevsk. At the same time, throughout the Russian territory the sale of the new model, which surely will change the recent history of the Russian automotive industry, has started. This solemn moment was preceded by many days of hard work both production workers and speditors, as well as transport service providers. The Vectura company, as one of the Avtovaz company’s partner, is actively involved in the supply of new Lada Vesta cars to their lucky owners. Vectura representatives also took part in the official ceremony regarding the opening of the new Lada Vesta car sale.