On Sunday, February 10th, the annual fun Christmas performance for children of Adampol employees took place. This year at the City Stadium several hundred children with their parents had fun. Little party-goers were congratulated and awarded with gifts by Santa Claus. The tricks of a magician and the fun of soap bubbles caused the great excitement. Children could try themselves at juggling, skateboarding, walking on stilts. Drawings on the faces of our kids looked like real works of art, and photos of their smiles were immortalized in photo booth, which was also very popular. Children and their parents also tried other wonderful attractions. No one was bored on this day, a variety of entertainments satisfied the taste of the most demanding participants. Also, there were some sweets, and the children enjoyed the fountain of milk chocolate, where they could dip fruits, cakes and other sweetness. Every year we do our best to bring a lot of joy to our kids, providing more and more wonderful attractions and positive impressions.