We are excited to let you know that our Russian daughter company from Moscow, Vectura, is taking part in preparing the huge Asian 2019 Silk Way Rally 2019. It will begin in the Russian city of Irkutsk as soon as this Saturday, July 6!The Silk Way Rally is, with the exception of the Dakar Rally, the longest such event in the world–over 5000 km through 3 countries and 5 climate zones, gathering the best riders from all over the globe, this year from 36 countries. The famous off-road rally took place for the first time in 2009, connecting Russia, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan. The name Silk Way emphasizes the Eurasian character of the rally and its significance for the countries that belong to the Silk Way region.This year, on the rally’s 10th anniversary, it has reached new heights and will be one of the main stages of the FIM Cross-Country Rallies World Championship. The races in July will be one of the longest events for motorcyclists during the world championships. This will provide the ideal opportunity for teams as well as individual participants to receive points during the marathon in the fight for first place. The 9th edition of the international Silk Way Rally will take on a completely new route. This year it is divided into 10 stages, starting from the exploration of the Siberian Taiga and on to the shores of Lake Baikal. Then, through to Mongolia, where the participants will cover the endless grasslands extending from the north to the southern border with China. Afterwards they will make it through to Ulaanbaatar, where the last stages meander through canyons, rocks and the sands of the Gobi Deser. The rally will end on July 16 in the picturesque Chinese city of Dunhuang, which lies at the foot of huge sand dunes. Drivers from our company, Vectura, in Moscow–A.W. Safronov, P.I. Zhilyaev, W.A. Illaryonov, A.M. Zhuravlev, A.Y. Bezzubov, S.I. Peresechanskiy, S.W. Senin, L.R. Shulatyev– will drive over 6000 km, from Paris through Travemunde, Helsinki up to Irkutsk, to deliver passenger vehicles that will take part in this important event.We would like to thank our colleagues from Moscow for their help in preparing this amazing adventure!