On Saturday, May 18th,  2019, the 4th annual Adampol S.A. Group Family Fun Day took place at the Białystok Stadium. The fun-filled event was organized under the Adampol S.A. motto At Adampol you are our priority!We are positive that the enthsiasm of our participants fended off the storm clouds and all of a sudden it was beautiful and sunny, with only some rain near the end of the event, when nobody was bothered by it anyway J.Ms Ania Chomczyk provided a beautiful beginning of the day. Our certified joga instructor lead the early morning sesson starting at 9:00, proving how supple our bodies can be.A little bit later, with a renewed energy we were able to take advantage of the many attractions that were prepared for us especially for this day. There was something for everyone, no matter what age.The kula-hula, inflatables and slides went into action, as did the crowds that swarmed mini golf. There were laser fights, an exciting 9D theatre that was experienced by those willing to wait in line, rodeo, the magical Venetian carousel and many others. Participants were able to indulge in traditional ice cream from U Matczaka, aromatic coffee and delicious pączki from Fly High Coffee. Even the most avid foodies could satisfy their taste buds with grilled dishes, while the youngsters swarmed the tent that supposedly smelled like the cinema due to the popcorn, and was full of some of their favourite treats –  the most popular being the colourful cotton candy. For those who wanted to do a little test of how ready they are for the summer, the team at Maniac Gym prepared professional body composition analyzers and discussed the results on the spot. It turned out that some of us need to cut down on calories, some need to add on more but overall the summer won’t scare us off:)Either way, to be able to eat more pączki or anything else for that matter, some folks showed their ambition by participating in a stretching session run from the stage by fitness instructor Małgosia Chomczyk and her friend Monika Szwinkowska. After burning off calories, the ladies had the opportunity to get some tips about make-up and have a complete makeover, courtesy of professional stylist, Dorota Lange, and her amazingly talented team.The most intense emotions were probably experienced on the field, where the goals in the penalty shots got the Gdańsk Terminal team 1st place in the  Adampol S.A. Board Cup Championship! The Orange Jaguars and Blue Mustangs won the children’s championship. Congratulations to all the winners!Check out the detailed results on the Adampol Team fanpage!Fans of new technologies in the automotive sector had the chance to see up close and personal the new Cristal electric minibuses produced by the French company Lohr Industrie, which were presented in Białystok by Lohr Polska.In the evening, we had the opportunity to listen to the band Zakopower. They offered us a refined musical medley of Podhale and modern tunes – suffice to say it was simply good music! Part of the audience even went barefoot – some taking off their shoes symbolically when the popular tune was being played. Those who were lucky enough got to have a photo taken with the charismatic vocalist and bandleader Sebastian Karpiel-Bułecka.Dancing in the open air lasted into late evening hours, at times it brought to mind scenes from Dancing in the Rain. We would like to thank our partners for their input: Mercedes-Benz AUTO IDEA authorized dealer of Mercedes-Benz and our Silver Sponsor as well as Cargotec PolandSp. z o.o., supplier of container transshipment equipment and sponsor of our work-life balance zone.Most of all, we would like to thank the Adampol S.A. Board for organizing such a huge event for the group’s employees and their families, from both Poland and abroad.“I was there with the guests and I drank with them honey and wine” – therefore there seems to be proof, and I can confirm– at Adampol we are the priority!Those who weren’t there missed out on all the fun! See for yourselves!