Active Staff development is one of our priorities. Therefore, on July 10-14, Drivers and Employees of individual departments of ADAMPOL S.A. participated in training in safe driving techniques.

The course, which took place courtesy of the Sukurs Law and Finance Office, was divided into a theoretical (20%) and a practical (80%) part. The following maneuvers were practiced:

– emergency braking on a curve and a straight section,

– cornering at a safe speed,

– slalom on different surfaces,

-slip of wheels on a curve and a straight section and getting out of a skid,

-avoiding an unexpected obstacle in critical situations

The exercises took place on a professionally prepared square of the Faworyt Driving Technique Improvement Centre. The exercises were carried out in trucks and passenger cars. During the course, various surfaces, water curtains and destabilizing devices were used. The training was very intensive and aimed at eliminating any behavior that could pose a potential danger on the road.