On 21.05.2016 at the City Stadium in Białystok Adampol S.A. employees and their families participated in the Family Fun Day. Employees and their families enjoyed  plenty of attractions for children as well as adults. They could try their hand in computer driving simulators, rodeo, segway, sumo fights and many more. Ladies could attend lectures  led by a beautician and yoga coach. There was a grill, a culinary dumpling demonstration held by master in the field coupled with tasting as well as contests with prizes for participants.
The main attraction during Saturday’s meeting was a football tournament where the main prize was the Adampol S.A. Management Board Cup. The tournament was played on the main football field by employees from different departments. Participants were from the Quality Control Department, Logistic, Service, Małaszewicze Division, Drivers and Territorial Development Department – who won the tournament.  The winning team received the cup from the Adampol S.A. Management Board.
Mateusz Ziółko’s performance added splendour to the picnic as did the dancing to late night hours run by DJ.
It was a great opportunity to meet closer and to spend time with the family.
More pictures from the meeting will be uploaded soon in our gallery.