On 30.04.2016 – 01.05.2016 Adampol S.A. once again transported classic cars from Antwerp to Venice, which annually take part in the Venice – Milan – Monte Carlo rally. On Saturday and Sunday we loaded more than 250 cars on 30 trucks.The two-day Classic Car event, which was held in Antwerp, was a beginning of the Tour Amical – the rally  of classic cars. The rally started in Venice on 04.05.2016 and it will be continued until 10.05.2016 It is already the 13th edition of the Tour Amical Rally in which 270 teams participate.This kind of event is a feast for automotive fans. In addition to classic cars participating in the rally, there were various car brands, which presented their latest models. Tesla showed its X model, the Porsche – 718 Spyder, Jaguar – F-Pace, Renault – Talisman Grand Tour.It was a great opportunity to admire the  beautiful cars that are rarely seen on our streets.