On 7th -8th  June 2018. Białystok University of Technology celebrated its 25th anniversary of the Faculty of Engineering Management. This holiday was accompanied by various competitions, one of them – the II Day of Logistics, in which Adampol S.A. took an active part.Among other participants of the discussion was our employee – Anna Misiejuk – Head of the Tender Department, who gave a lecture about the close connection between the changes in the car manufacturers market and the situation of carriers of the automotive segment.The next point of our participation in the Days of Logistics was the demonstration of the process of loading and unloading of the truck by the staff of the Quality Control Department. In the framework of the information campaign the influence of the quality and safety of transportation in the road safety was mentioned.The most interesting moment of our participation in the Days of Logistics, which aroused great interest of students, was a mini-performance called “Participants of the Logistics Process.” The thematic scene was based on the author’s script of the Director of Sales Department – Mrs. Barbara Koncewicz who was also the performance director. The performance was held with the participation of the public, and the actors were the employees of the company.Participation of Adampol S.A. in the celebration of Days of Logistics is part of the “Business Precepting” program, which has been implemented since 2015 in the framework of cooperation of Adampol S.A. with Białystok University of Technology.