Adampol S.A. is constantly improving the quality of its services, striving to perfect them. Therefore, our company has purchased 5 new Eurolohr 2.53 WXS superstructures designed for tractor chassis with short wheelbase and intended for loading passenger cars and light utility vehicles. The 12 m long trailer allows higher loading capacity and much better loading angles than the traditional combination (rigid + trailer). The removable body of the Eurolohr 2.53 WXS superstructure, on the other hand, may be used for shuttle transports and does not require immobilizing the tractor chassis during the tractor’s replacement. The cost of Eurolohr 2.53 WXS body swapping is very low and the stoppage time is practically non-existent. Stacking systems of the user friendly trailer require a minimal number of additional accessories, and loading can be optimized in order to avoid violating road regulations of any country.