“The best results are those that we can achieve through personal contacts” – Dr. Tomasz KOSMIDER, MBA, Technology Partners Poland, explained during the ”Evolution of research structures to improve research management effectiveness” plenary session.

The 7th INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON ENGINEERING, PROJECT AND PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT took place on 21-23.09.2016 in Białystok. Ewa Trochimuk, the director of the Rail Division at Adampol S.A. in Małaszewicze, was part of the expert discussion panel concerning the New Silk Road, which coincides with the 3rd Eastern Business Congress. In a variety of sessions, lecturers presented the newest research in Industrial Engineering, Project and Process Management, Operational Management and Decision Support Systems, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Quality Management, Sustainable Technologies, Service Science and Engineering, Technology Management and Agricultural Engineering. The Faculty of Management at the University of Technology in Białystok and the Association of Engineering, Project, and Production Management (EPPM) were the organizers of the 7th edition of the Conference. The International Society for Manufacturing, Service and Management Engineering and the Polish Academy of Sciences, as well as, the Agency for Restructuring and Modernization of Agriculture (ARMA) were the co-organizers. Representatives of the  scientific community from Australia, China, Canada, Germany, Republic of South Africa, Singapore, Taiwan, and Great Britain took part in the event.The previous edition of the conference took place in Australia, while the following one will be in Jordan.„ The best thing you can do is to surround yourself with people who stimulate your personal growth and development” – we think this statement is of key importance.