On December 17th-18th, 2014, at DCT Gdansk, Belarusian delegates met with Polish institutions operating in the Port of Gdansk. The meeting was led by the Vice Minister of Infrastructure and Development, Dorota Pyć, as well as, Belarusian Deputy Minister of Transport and Communication, Jewgienij Rogaczow. Representatives from Adampol S.A. were also present at the meeting.Adampol S.A.has been cooperating with Belarusian entities in the transportation of goods. Given that this cooperation was always beneficial to both sides, the company engaged in processes that aimed to deepen economic cooperation between Poland and Belarus, as well as, eliminate existing economic barriers. As an acknowledgement of the company’s efforts, it was one of only 6 companies invited to take part in the event.The focus of the meeting was to introduce the Polish ports’ transport offer to the Belarusian team and put forth collaboration opportunities to representatives of the Belarusian transportation industry.The Belarusian side underlined its interest in opportunities for joint freight transport. The subject of deepening cooperation between Adampol S.A. and Belarusian companies was brought up by the Minister himself, Jewgienij Rogaczow, who brought attention to the increase in our Poland-Belarus connections.In her speech, Vice Minister Dorota Pyć emphasized the importance of seaports to the Polish economy. She also mentioned their development investment in the new 2014-2020 financial outlook, where the total cost is expected to reach about 11.4 billion zlotys. This investment will impact the competitive position of Adampol S.A., who is one the of logistics operators in the Port of Gdańsk.