This year we had the opportunity to celebrate summer in a very unique way.

Mr. Adam Byglewski, the founder of ADAMPOL S. A. organized at hotel “Lipowy Most”, in the heart of Knyszynski Forest, a wonderful holiday under the motto of Lipowy Chillout. Clean air, stunning scenery and the untouched nature – it was enough to relax, clear the mind, restore the body.

Business Partners, company Employees, and Mr. President’s Friends spent an unforgettable time in a great location and took advantage of local tourist attractions. Excursions to Supraśl, Kruszyniany, Tykocin and Bialowieża Forest, as well as sailing on catamaran along the beautiful Masurian Lakes has provided Guests with many memorable experiences. During the evening meetings and talks, the musical accompaniment was provided by a live orchestra, an Acoustic Trio and a string quartet. Every day the Guests were surprised by the delight dishes of regional cuisine and desserts prepared by the best chefs. Without any doubt, the unforgettable event was the concert of the Polish singer, ranked among the leading European soloists – Mr. Alexander Teliga together with the team.

The Days of Luxembourg marked the glorious Guests – Mrs. Aneta and Mr. Marcin Verbitsky, who have been living in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg for 16 years. They are wonderful artists and patrons of Polish culture in Western Europe. With the great enthusiasm they told about the history of the city of Luxembourg, showing their own compositions and photos from a private gallery.

A regular meeting of ADAMPOL S. A. Managers was also held in “Lipowy Most”, where the results and the implemented business plans of the Company were discussed and summarized, and the goals for the next months were defined.

Beautiful location, great atmosphere as well as privacy, serenity and close contact with nature – all this gave an amazing effect of integration and left the unforgettable memories of Lipowy Chillout.