International Silk Road Rally completed

Five thousands kilometres via the territory of Russia, Mongolia and China remained behind. The closing ceremony of the Rally took place at the Theatre Square in the Chinese city of Dunhuang.

Vladimir Chagin, the Head of the Silk Road Rally project, thanked all participants of the Rally and awarded the new triumphants: Nasser Al-Attiyah, who competed in the automotive category, won the Grand Prize – the White Tiger. The second place went to the Chinese Han Wei, and the third place – to French Jerome Pelisse.

Official results of Silk Road Rally 2019

The winner of the ninth edition of the silk Road Rally was a team of Nasser al-Attiyah and Mathieu Bomela – the pilot from Qatar and the navigator from France, who competed on the prototype of Toyota Hilux.

The second place was taken by the Chinese riders: Han Wei and Ming Liao – “silver” was received for the performance of the buggy Geely SMG by the team Geely Autoshell Lubricant Team.

The third group of winners was closed by the French: Jerome Pelisse and Pascal Larrat who compeed by Optimus buggy by the team Raid Lynx.

In the T2 competition, the crew of the Akira Miura/ Laurent Lichtleiter won – they performed on the Toyota Land Cruiser 200. 24 Toyota offroader, which already in fourth time became the official cars of Silk Road Rally, successfully overcome the service route race. The cars are well travelled via dunes, gravel, forest roads and dirt.

The T3 competition was won by the Russian crew of the Snag Racing – Sergey Karjakin and Anton Vlasyuk. The victory of their teammates reinforced the other crew of the team – Alex Shmotiev / Andrei Rudnitskiy – they took the third place.

The three winners and prize-winners of the truck standings were the crews of “KAMAZ-master” team.

The first place got Anton Shibalov, Andrey Karginov was the second and the top three winners was closed by Ayrat Mardeev.

For our drivers from the Moscow “Vectura” Rally is not over yet, with cars on the platforms of their vehicles, they are driving towards Paris, but they have already heard the words of gratitude and appreciation for the smooth delivery of cars to the Silk Road Rally.